Industrial Environments - Steel mills, foundries and other types of processing plants operate in an extremely harsh environment. Pneumatic tube systems servicing these industries are required to function reliably and safely under the most difficult conditions
Industrial - The sampling of a product during its processing or manufacturing is critical for quality assurance, or necessary to achieve a particular product specification. A properly selected and designed pneumatic tube system will quickly and reliably transport a wide variety of products to a lob for analysis, even across a difficult or expansive environment.

Industrial Extreme Service Systems

A product line specifically designed for industrial environments like steel mills and foundries to achieve the durability and safety standards required to operate in this application. The Extreme Service product line offers the highest level of durability and performance, while metal samples can be transported to a lab over distances exceeding a mile in less than three minutes.

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Extreme Service Systems

Colombo will work with you to design an Extreme Service System that’s made to work around your facilities needs, no matter how close or far they may be.