Not all facilities have the same needs and priorities when it comes to pneumatic tube systems for the health care industry. Whether it's faster material transport, eliminating biohazards cross contamination from the rest of the system, or creating accessibility wherever you need it, Colombo can provide a solution for you.
Looking for a dedicated lab or pharmacy system or a hospital wide pneumatic tube network, or even both? Wh have the equipment and experience to provide you with exactly what you need.
Direct Delivery Systems

Health Care Direct Delivery Systems

With Colombo’s Direct Delivery Systems, facilities are provided with the health care industry’s fastest and most reliable turnaround times. By designing direct routing from any remote station on the system back to your lab or pharmacy, the problem of your priority¬†carriers being caught up in system traffic is all but eliminated.

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Global Network Systems - Health Care

Global Network Systems

Colombo/PTP Global Network Systems offer you today’s standard in the health care industry with an “any to any” configuration. With an unlimited station design, now every station on your facilities system has the capability of sending and receiving materials to any other point in the system.

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Both systems offer an extension of user options, security and tracking features. Whether you’re looking to better connect two areas, connect your whole facility, or multiple facilities together, Colombo will work with you to design a system that’s made to work around your facilities needs.